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Driving Instructors Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your Croydon Driving Lessons?

Slaters Croydon Driving Lessons are at 50 minutes long, although we recommend two hours. Years of experience of driver tuition has told us that a 2 hour driving lesson is far more productive than just one hour. Time is spent learning to drive rather than travelling to a suitable training sight from the place of pick up, so lesson content flows better and is more concentrated. As a result, a fewer number of lessons should be needed overall to pass the driving test, which saves you money.

How many driving lessons will I need?

Everyone learns to drive at a different pace. According to statistics from the Driving Standards Agency, on average, it takes a learner driver about 45 hours of professional training combined with 22 hours of private practice to pass their UK driving test. However, this is the national average figure and many of our pupils pass with far fewer driving lessons. Slaters Croydon driving lessons are structured and we will advise you on your progress using a Driver's Record Card as recommended by the Driving Standards Agency. This will include a guide of what to practice between driving lessons when you have a car and supervising driver available.

Should I practise between lessons?

Any practice is good practice. If you have a suitable vehicle and accompanying driver to carry out private practice between lessons, your instructor will give you their professional advice on what you should work on. Each individual pupil progresses differently, and each vehicle has different characteristics, so your instructor will develop your instruction accordingly. Just because a friend may be doing something different with another instructor, it doesn't mean either one is wrong.

At what age can I start learning to drive?

You need to be 17 years old to legally drive on the public road. You can apply for your provisional driving licence up to 3 months before your 17th birthday. You cannot take the theory test before you are 17 years old, but if you have a provisional driving licence before you are 17, you are permitted to book it in readiness for when you are. There are rumours that the minimum age is going to be raised to 18, but at the moment DVLA have no plans to implement this.

Does your Croydon Driving School do automatic lessons?

No, you will learn to drive in a manual car. When you pass your test, your driving licence will then allow you to drive both Automatic and Manual cars.

How do I get a provisional UK driving licence?

Application forms for a provisional licence (D1 Pack) are available from the Post Office, or you can order one online Government website for ordering application forms.

What does the theory test involve?

Please see our Driving Test page and the government's Theory Test website.

Where is my nearest test centre, and how do I book a test?

You can find where your local practical driving test centre is via this link.

How will Slaters Croydon driving school prepare me for the theory test?

It is a good idea to take some practical driving lessons before the theory test to help develop your knowledge. Your Croydon driving instructor can also supply, at reduced cost, official theory home study materials (books and DVDs). Also visit our Croydon Driving Test page for links to sites with practice tests.

What are driving test 'show me / tell me' questions

These UK driving test questions were introduced in 2003. You must answer two questions on basic road vehicle safety checks. These driving test questions will be supplied by and covered by your instructor during the course of your lessons. They can also be viewed here.

How much do the do the UK driving theory and practical driving tests cost?

The government website has full details of the UK driving test fees.

What changes were made to the UK driving test in October 2010

Our Driving Test information page has been updated to include these changes.

Can I take Croydon Driving lessons in my own car?

We do not recommend driving lessons in your own car and would suggest that using your instructor's dual controlled vehicle would be the best and safest option.

Where can I find information to help me prepare for my driving test?

You should visit the YouGov motoring site, and the driving-test-success web-site. All three sites contain a wealth of information on obtaining a driving licence, learning to drive and the driving test.

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